4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm

Basic Information
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Charmhigh
Certification: CE
Model Number: CHMT530P4
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Price: $5200~$7000
Packaging Details: wooden box
Delivery Time: 2-3 days
Payment Terms: T/T, Western Union
Supply Ability: 200 Per month
Detail Information
Feeder: 30pcs Tape Feeders Slots Placement Head: 4 Heads
Nozzles: Juki Nozzle 503- 506 4pcs/lot Speed: 4000cph With Vision
Accuracy: 0.035mm PCB Size: 450*330mm
High Light:

4 Heads Yamaha Pick And Place Machine


4 Heads SMT Placement Machine


CHMT530P4 SMT Pick And Place Machine

Product Description

Advanced 4 Heads 30 feeders SMT pick and place machine CHMT530P4 

work with Yamaha pneumatic & electric feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 24mm

Advanced Pick and Place Machine​ 110v 220V, English Version, CE Declaration

Ship by DHL door to door, shipping time 5-8 days


CHM-T530P4 Introduction
Desktop SMT pick and place machine Charmhigh CHM-T530P4, 220v/110v
4 heads 30 feeders, for PCB assembly line

CHM-T530P4 main features
1. Model number: CHM-T530P4
2. Brand: Charmhigh
3. Main configuration: Desktop type + 4 Heads 30 feeders + built-in PC + Embedded Linux system + closed-loop control motor with encoder + 2 cameras + linear rail + auto calibrate PCB + touch screen
4. Feeder: 2 options: Yamaha pneumatic feeder & Electric feeder (feeders purchase separately)
5. Max PCB area: 450*330mm
6. Component: 0402-5050, LED, SOT, SOP, QFN, BGA... etc.
7. Dimension: 1100mm(L)*700mm(W)*600mm(H)mm, AC220V/110V (50/60Hz)
8. Lead time: 2-3 working days
9. Delivery: by DHL or TNT / by air / by sea / pick up from our factory directly / send to China warehouse
10. Payment method: Wire transfer (T/T); PayPal; W/U
11. Packing: plywood box


CHM-T530P4 description
This CHMT530P4 is an updated desktop pick and place machine which work with Yamaha feeders.
It has 4 heads with 30pcs feeder slots, for small smt production is your good helper!
The operation system is industry level embedded Linux system, the main board of machine was researched by ourselves, which is more reliable than windows system, and life time is much longer.
CHMT530P4 using 502---507 different kinds of Juki nozzles, suitable for 0402,0603,0805-5050, LED, SOT, SOP, QFN, BGA, Diode, Transistor...etc, which can meet more customers' demand. Very good for small batch production or prototyping or education.
It has double vision cameras, which can auto calibrate the PCB before running, auto correction pick position and angle. 


Working video:

4 heads pick and place machine - Charmhigh CHMT530P4:


4 Heads CHM-T530P4 Pick and Place Machine - Real working video from Customer:


Quick start CHMT530P4 Placing 0603:


Real working video from Customer CHMT530P4:


Charmhigh CHM-T530P4 Technical Parameters

Model CHM-T530P4
XYZ Axis travel


Max height component:10mm

PCB max size 450*330mm
Support components 0402-5050,LED, SOT, SOP, QFN,BGA etc.
Mounting speed

Without vision:5000cph

with Vision:4000cph

Precision ±0.025mm
Placement head 4 heads
Feeding system

-Support max 30pcs 8mm tape reels

*Feeder option: Yamaha universal type 

1.electric feeder: 8mm (for 0402 0603 etc)/12/16/24mm

2.pneumatic feeder: 8,12,16,24mm

3.vibration feeder(3 tubes/ 5 tubes)


-11pcs front bulk material

-Support custom IC tray

Vision detection

Double cameras (up & down)

Up-looking camera max recognize range of component: 22*22mm

Motor control

-XY Axis stepper motor with encoder with closed-loop control

-Flexible S deceleration

-Z Axis reset detection

Components leakage detection Vacuum detection / vision detection
Main board High-reliability industry motherboard
Touch Screen

Build-in 7 inches industry screen, no need external monitor or PC;

(support cold plug-in USB mouse)

Operation system Embedded Linux system
External air source 0.5 MPa
Power supply AC220V 50Hz / AC110V 60Hz
Dimension 1100mm(L)*700mm(W)*600mm(H)
Power 250W
Net weight 125Kg


Standard accessories for CHMT530P4:

1) Pick and Place Machine CHMT530P4: 1

2) Juki nozzle total 4pcs (503, 504, 505, 506 size)

3) 8G USB driver 1

4) Power Cord 1

5) Grease 1

6) Hex wrench 6

7) Tweezers 1

8) Brush 1

9) Additional belt set 1

10) Pen for touch screen 1

11) Fixture for IC tray 4


CHM-T530P4 Highlights:
1. Convenient software, Embedded Linux System of the machine, stable industry main board, independent operation, no need external computer, operation easier and more convenient, learn fast.
2. In-build touch screen, no need external monitor, room saved, more convenient operation, USB mouse supported as well.
3. Top and bottom two vision cameras, correct the position of each components, you can view the vision image from screen for every components.(max component size 22*22mm)
4. It has flexible PCB clamping fixture, suitable for different size of PCB, CHM-T530P4 max support PCB 450mm(L)*330mm(W).
5. It supported custom IC tray, IC tray can be fixed on machine table. Software max allow 20pcs tray.
6. Four mounting heads with 4pcs Juki Nozzles, Juki nozzle inside magnet, so it can be removed by finger, no need to disassemble with wrench, nozzles rotation angle -180 degree to +180 degree.
7. Work with Yamaha standard pneumatic feeders(8mm/12mm/16mm/24mm/vibration feeder) and Electronic feeders(8mm/12mm/16mm).
8. Z axis detection, placement heads can auto back to origin to prevent nozzles break.

9. Max height component support 10mm.
10. Closed-loop control, X,Y Axis with encoder, not out of step.
11. PCB calibrated by two components position, then rest components will be calibrated automatically.
12. Auto calibrate mark 2 points, it will be auto calibration before every running, make sure every PCB mounting precisely.
13. With vacuum detection, with automatic feeding, if one component suck crooked, it will automatically throw it to deposit area, then pick a new one to mount again.
14. With vision detection, camera will auto correction component angle and place on PCB board right place. If heads not picking up components, camera will detect it and go back to pick again, 3 times not picking, machine will alarm and stop, after supply material, then continue working, no need to start over again.

15. Comes with convert tool (PC version), edit work file in computer and load work file into machine by USB port, quick and convenient.
16. Support panelized boards.
17. If you don't have PCB file, you can create a new work file to program in machine directly.

18. Support single step.

19. Support cut tapes/ bulk material/ tube material.

Why choose Charmhigh?

1.Professional design and room saved.

2.User friendly operation, no need professional SMT engineer, entry-level device

3.One machine - Integrated operation, no need extra pump or PC or any supporting facility.

4.Cost efficient, reduce expense to own a professional full automatic SMT production line.

5. It is very convenient to change machine replacement, easy to fix by self.

6.International express with door to door service, 6-8 working days delivery.

7.Especially for laboratory research and development, to protect your own design and patent.

8.One machine equal to 5 soldering staff, much higher efficient than manual work, easy manage and cost-saved. Good for small batch production.

9.Charmhigh Is factory supply, all of our machine parts are researched and manufacturing by ourselves. After-service spare parts never stop.

10. Charmhigh is a professional manufacturer of SMT Pick and Place machine since, first p&p released in 2011. All the software researched by ourselves, provided good after-sell service.


100% Real pictures:
4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 04 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 1

Top and Bottom camera, make sure each component place very accurate:

4 placement heads which speed is faster than 2 heads:
4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 2
X Y axis motor with encoder, closed-loop control, make sure not lose steps:4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 3


Custom IC Tray + cut tape, working with Yamaha feeders together (Yamaha electric & pneumatic feeder):

4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 4


Work with Yamaha standard feeders:  (purchase separately)

(electric feeder 8/12/16/24mm, pneumatic 8*4mm, 12mm, 16mm, 24mm, vibration feeder)

4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 5


Full touch screen operation, no need externel monitor or computer, very easy operation:

4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 6


4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 7


Industry mainboard & in-build computer board, no need external computer:

Touch screen control or USB mouse control, very convenient.


Charmhigh ---- 100% good feedback from customer!

4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 8 4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 9


100% factory directly supply!   Quality & service guarantee! Hot sell CHMT530P4:

4 Heads SMT Pick And Place Machine CHMT530P4 , Yamaha Feeder 8mm 12mm 16mm 10

Kindly note:

The pick and place machine is complete set with all accessories included in the package, ready to use!

You only need to get an external air compressor(supplying air for feeders) before running.

Good after-sale tech support, please purchase it with confidence.

Enjoy with your pick and place machine!


Service & Warranty:
The complete machine has a warranty period of 1 year from the time of purchase and lifetime service.

We always provide spare parts of machine, factory reliable direct supply.

We provide online Q/A and troubleshooting support and technical advice service.


Provide one to one after-sale service. Each machine 100% tested well before ship out.

Tech support & Contact:

Kimi Liu

Charmhigh Technology Limited

Mob/ WhatsApp: 0086 135 106 75756

Skype: kimiliu89


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